Mission Statement

I am completely unqualified to write about anything.  I don’t come with a shiny degree or a fat body of published work.  This is officially a pop culture blog, of which there are some fifty quintillion.  However, most pop culture blogs fit into one of two formats:  the hipper-than-thou musings of elitists or the breathless dreck-mucking of the cult of pseudo-celebrity.  I am neither sort of blogger.  I will proudly admit that I wouldn’t know a Real Housewife if she bit me on the ass (she had better run fast if she does, though), and will just as shamelessly confess that I have never seen an episode of “Lost”, I actually liked Jedi better than Empire, and Next Generation kicks Original Series’s badly aging derriere.  I like Thom Yorke just fine solo, with Radiohead not so much, and Eddie Vedder in any form not at all. (Well, except for that YouTube clip somebody made of “Yellow Ledbetter” with the phonetic lyrics.)  I listen to Ke$ha with the same fearlessness that I listen to the Beatles, and have to wonder why the hell Rush isn’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet.  I watch very little television for someone with pretensions of being an entertainment writer; though I would LIKE to watch more, there just aren’t that many shows that appeal to me.  I like Harry Potter AND Twilight, in print and on celluloid.  I read voraciously and somewhat indiscriminately, and I have notoriously strong opinions on what makes a book good, what makes it great, and what gets it pitched against a wall.  (The Great Gatsby: very good, To Kill a Mockingbird: great, The Scarlet Letter: pitched against a wall.  Note to self:  books I have pitched against a wall is probably an entertaining blog topic.)   I prefer dubs to subs in animation and subs to dubs in live action.  Until very recently I blamed CGI for the death of everything good in animation.  Then I saw Tangled. These are just a few personal opinions.  I don’t jump on bandwagons.  Every opinion here has been forged on my own behalf, not because of any type of general consensus.  If you agree, that’s lovely, and if you don’t, that’s lovely, too.  Anyway, this is who I am and what I write.  Let the flaming begin– I’ve got marshmallows!



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