Happy New Year and Stuff.

I have NO idea what I’m doing for New Years’.  I am not one to plan things in advance, and as a result I usually end up either sitting at home with my husband, who is the very definition of a homebody, or scurrying off to my sister’s house to drink Irish coffee and bounce off walls.  The last time this happened I ended up falling off an exercise ball and cracking my elbow on the fireplace hearth (DON’T ask), though I didn’t really feel anything until the next morning.  Irish coffee is my favorite.

There are two kinds of people when New Years’ comes around:  the people for whom it’s all about the night before, and the people for whom it’s all about the day after.  Being a night owl myself, I OUGHT to be in the first camp, but at my advanced age I have never actually been to a New Years’ shindig, mostly because I’m WAAAY too talkative when I’m drinking and loose lips sink ships.  I only get plastered with people I trust, because God only knows what I might tell them.  I do remember that one year my sister and I both went to my mom’s and drank Irish coffee in front of her, just for the reaction, but to the best of my recollection I behaved.  At any rate, Mom still speaks to me.  But I digress.  I’m actually firmly in the New Years’ Day camp.  Strange, I know, since I can’t stand the traditional food and I don’t like watching football.  Nope, I like the parades.  I have said I’m not much for TV, but parades are one of the few chances I have to watch….MARCHING BANDS.  There, I said it and I feel better.  I would watch a LOT more football if they actually televised the halftime.  (Of course, I’d wander away during the third quarter, because that’s what band people do, but who’s keeping track?)  Halftime is a show unto itself, and it’s completely unfair that the networks wreck it for me by airing a bunch of overpaid talking heads telling us what we already saw for ourselves.  If you honestly need a replay, get a friggin’ TiVo.  Let me watch the bands in peace, and STHU.

Anyway, parades are one of the only chances I get to see bands in action.  Being a band alumnus, I happen to know that parades are not even when a band is at its best.  To appreciate the art form, one must see it on a stadium.  There is nothing quite like it.  The amount of work, both physical and mental, which goes into a single halftime or festival performance is something that I think must be experienced to be truly appreciated, and though it’s been years since I last stepped off the field, it is something which stays in your blood forever, and watching grainy YouTube videos doesn’t really do it justice.  I want to see it on television.  While drinking Irish coffee.  Anyway, Happy New Year.


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