TV Night: “Glee” is Back!!! (Oh, and a football game)

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, but I’ve been experiencing some winter blahs and haven’t really seen or heard anything lately which was particularly blogworthy.  However, all that changed tonight with the return of Glee, which happens to be one of the best things on the telly these days.  To reiterate, I don’t watch much television, but this show is something I even structure my schedule at work around.  I was unfortunate in having to work tonight and miss the football game (though from what I understand, the best part was when Xtina forgot the words to the national anthem).

Seriously, Fluffy can see her tonsils.

Seriously, Fluffy can see her tonsils.  Scary, yes?  I will admit I can’t sing myself, but I am personally of the camp that believes you just SING the anthem, don’t showboat it into unrecognizability (which SpellCheck tells me is not a word, but it should be) and maybe–just maybe– you might remember the words.  (There is also a second verse, and a third, which I know the lyrics of.  I’m just sayin’.) 

ANYWAY, the point of my blog is not to bash poor Xtina, but to celebrate the return of my favorite show.  I hadn’t realized how very much I missed it, and tonight’s episode did not disappoint, from the delightfully silly Cheerio riff on Katy Perry’s California Gurls which opened the show to the closing seconds of it– SPOILER ALERT– who saw that kiss coming?  I, for one, did NOT! ( Sadly, I can’t really think of a “couple” name for them.  Finn+Quinn= Fwinn?  Because if you go the other way, it’s just, uh, Quinn. )  The big showpiece of the episode was supposed to be the Thriller number and as always, the Warblers were in fine form too, but for me the best performance came courtesy of Lea Michele and Mark Salling with a beautiful-beyond-words cover of Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now. *Rushes off to download*  Sue Sylvester is back in nasty mode, which is where she shines.   Her Godzilla moment after getting reprimanded about the cannon was priceless.  I am also enjoying the camaraderie between Schue and Beiste.  I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I would definitely like to see these two get together.  I used to be a big Wemma fan, but John Stamos is so much fun as Emma’s new husband that I’d hate to see him go, and Beiste is so sweet that I would love to see her get a chance at the kind of happiness she deserves.  She would NOT be intimidated by Terri, Will’s bitchy and still-possessive ex, and she and Will have a nice chemistry onscreen.  I can hear the screeching from just about everybody, but I think it would be an interesting avenue to take.

So far, my only beef with this season of the show is how criminally underused the amazing Chris Colfer is becoming.  It’s starting to feel like Kurt has gotten relegated to cameo appearances since switching schools.  We don’t get to see how he and Finn are adjusting to being stepbrothers at all, and only a little of his developing friendship with Blaine.  I miss his diva presence (and his lovely voice) in New Directions, and hope he comes back soon, and brings Blaine with him.  I am aware the show is an ensemble piece and the earlier episodes this season were extremely Kurt-centric, but I still miss him and want him back!

It’s also going to be amusing to see how the ex-Cheerios deal with life outside the squad.  I think Quinn will be okay, since she has experienced it before, but Santana and Brittany may be another story altogether.  At any rate, Tuesday nights are going to be worth looking forward to again.


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