Golden Globes ’12: Red Carpet Report

As you are probably aware, a major awards shindig is almost a guarantee that this infrequently updated blog will get updated, but in the case of last night’s Golden Globes ceremonies, there is almost nothing to report.  I have never seen such a complete washout in the fashion department as I saw on last night’s red carpet.  I have also never been inundated with so much… BEIGE.  The pops of color were scarce, and those who opted for bright color usually chose the dullest designs.  In fact, the entire affair was so snore-inducing fashion-wise that only two ladies managed to warrant inclusion in my red carpet bonanza.  That is sad.  I couldn’t even choose a worst-dressed offender, since literally everyone looked uniformly bland. Suffice it to say that I give these two brave ladies kudos for inspiring me to post at all.

Runner up for the best look of the evening goes to Glee‘s Dianna Agron.  Back on form after a misstep at the Emmys, Dianna opted for a laser-cut Giles dress featuring candy-apple red swans which easily swam through the sea of vanilla to top most other comers.

My award for the best-dressed of the evening goes to a daring Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has been widely bashed across the web for her choice in gowns.  To all the naysayers, Fluffy gives two great big middle fingers up, and to Sarah, two great big thumbs up.  This Monique Lhullier ballgown actually stood out, and Sarah rocks it.  The electric-blue watercolor abstract has been mistaken for tie-dye by too many purported fashionistas for me to remain silent.  It is not tie-dye.  Learn your terminology before you start throwing stones, and then just get a life.  Fluffy is tired of people pretending to know about fashion as art.  Okay, I promise I am stepping away from the soap box now, because now it is time for me to heap my copious praise upon this dress.

Sarah is absolutely adorable in this dress.  I’ve never seen anything remotely similar on the red carpet, and that is precisely why I love it.  Whether you like it or inexplicably want to hate on it, you will definitely remember it, and isn’t that exactly the point?  After less than 24 hours, I’d already completely forgotten about most of the lackluster garb which is getting all the love today.  Extra points to Sarah in that she allowed her little daughter Charlotte to pick the dress out, and wore it for her.  This proves that a two-year-old has more fashion sense than most of the stylists working Hollywood today, as Charlotte’s mommy looks like Cinderella and most of the other ladies at the party looked, at best, like carbon copies of the same wannabe stepsister.

Just tell ’em to kiss your taffeta-clad butt, Sarah.  You rock.



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