Grammy Red Carpet: The Fluffy Awards

I just love awards season!  Generally the Grammys are a more relaxed affair than most of the award shows, resulting in some truly wacked-out fashion choices on the red carpet, but this year’s shindig seems to have cleaned up a bit from years past, making for some inspired and beautiful looks as well.  Continuing my theme of Fluffy Awards for fashion choices, I now present the 2012 Grammy Edition of the Fluffies.

Category: Most Improved

(Tie) Kelly Osborne and Giuliana Rancic

Kelly has made some great choices in the past, but has usually marred the entire effect somehow.  Okay, the culprit was her hair.  Lately she has been displaying an odd white shade that is not platinum blond and aging herself thereby, but this cute lilac hue, while still offbeat and true to her style, is far more flattering and allows me to focus on her lovely Tony Ward dress and her overall awesome look.  I was prepared to never forgive Giuliana for the awful dress she wore to the SAGs, but I’m okay with her now.  While her dress would be a little dull on its own, she has accessorized the heck out of it with this wonderful Georges Chakra belt, perfect strappy sandals, an eye-catching bag and statement earrings.

Category:  Best Blues

Katy Perry

Katy is known for her eclectic and often racy sense of style.  Here she plays it safe in Elie Saab, but it works for her.  Smurfette-blue hair and Norman Silverman bling complete the look, which is both understated (for Katy) and sexy.

Category:  Cutest

(Tie) Carrie Underwood and Rebecca Black

Carrie is adorable in her spangled Gomez-Gracia gown, but the biggest sparkle is her beautiful smile.  I never thought I’d mention Rebecca Black and cute in the same sentence, but here she is, in a sweet and age-appropriate ensemble made memorable with ruby-red heels.

Category:  Best Disco Ensemble

Jessie J

Jessie’s Julien Macdonald dress evokes the best of the disco era with a modern sensibility.  She is kept from best-dressed honors only by her hair.  Her heavy bangs do nothing to flatter her strong features and would have looked better sideswept or in wispier form.

Category:  Best Controversy

Nicki Minaj

On anyone else, this outfit would have been a guaranteed trip to the worst-dressed category, but Nicki is Nicki, the only celebrity in circulation today who can out-Gaga Lady Gaga.  Her Versace ensemble (in case you missed it.  Ha ha, I KID!  The logo stars front and center) in cardinal-red satin is also styled after a cardinal’s robes, and in case you had any doubt about that either, she showed up with a costumed Pope on her arm.  Way to shake up the status quo, Nicki.  Mad props.

Category:  Wildest

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji can’t catch a break from the fashion press, which bashed this Basler dress, but I honestly love it.  She has combined no less than four of my favorite things here– pink, leopard print, sequins and lame.  She is only kept from the coveted Fluffy Award by the fact that I could not wear this dress myself– its form is unforgiving, and someone as fluffy as I am could not hope to pull it off.

Category:  Worst Dressed

(Tie) Fergie and Sasha Gradiva

Fergie’s Gaultier dress is, well, a lovely color.  However, um, oh, I’ll just let the photo speak for itself.  Eww.  And granny panties, Ferg?  Really?  I’d never heard of Sasha Gradiva before the Grammys, and her pretty gown would have gotten her noticed in the best way if she had hadn’t decided to go all Borg on us.  I understand that the huge piece she’s packing was meant to be a statement for world peace, but there are other ways of doing that.  Honorable mention goes to Robyn, whose outfit was so gauche that I’m not including it here because I don’t want its awfulness giving my hard drive nightmares.  Suffice it to say:  Mullet mini.  Platform Timberlands.  Enough said.

Category:  Best Dressed

(Tie) Kelly Rowland, Taylor Swift, and Paris Hilton

I honestly can’t decide which of these ladies looks best, so here is my first-ever three-way tie.  Kelly’s peach Alberta Ferretti glimmers and shimmers with tons of silvery bling, but it’s not too much– just right.  Taylor was another finalist for the Fluffy Award, but no way I could wear this Zuhair Murad either, though with its gorgeous gold detailing, sweetheart cutout bodice and dramatic train, I certainly wish I could.  Paris looks ah-mazing in this Basil Soda– I was ready to write off Soda after the debacle that was Giuliana Rancic’s SAG dress, but all is forgiven now.  This creation is absolutely perfect.

Special Category:  The Fluffy Award


As I have explained before, the Very Special Fluffy Award goes to the dress I would have personally picked out for myself, the representation of my fashion ideals in concrete form.  Adele’s Armani gown embodies my aesthetic to a tee.  I love the way the sequined detailing looks like stars in a midnight sky.  It’s understated, yet thoroughly over the top.  Best of all, it allows Adele herself to shine, instead of merely shouting “Look at my fab dress!”  Perfection!!!





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