I Hate Hate Hate Movie Theaters.

I have a real problem with movie theaters.  One, they are more expensive than they need to be.  Two, the seats are stiff and uncomfortable.  Three, and this is the straw that broke the camel’s back, is the presence of other patrons.  Rude people who don’t observe the rule of staying out of others’ space, or of watching quietly and without comment.  Society has degraded to a point at which no one has any understanding of how to behave in the presence of other people or even why they should behave.  In other words, America is a giant trailer park and I am really really tired of it.  Yes, I am sitting in a movie theater right now, writing a blog post on a brightly lit cell phone, because I just don’t care anymore and there are maybe a grand total of six other people in the whole theater anyway.  Which brings me to the point I really want to make here.  If you are in anything less than a sold out showing, especially if you walk into a theater where there are only two other groups of patrons, for Chrissakes don’t sit next to the other people.  Observe the personal space rule.  Why the hell would you want to sit right on top of someone else when you have the whole theater, essentially, to yourselves?  I have no doubt that the movie I am supposed to be watching is a  decent way to spend Memorial Day, but I don’t have my heart in it anymore and Mr. Fluffy refuses to leave.  I couldn’t tell you anything about it.  My attention span went out the window when my own drink got dumped on me.  Yep, I am wearing 16 ounces of Diet Dr. Pepper and Mr. Fluffy won’t leave.  Perhaps I should not be writing a critique on the ills of society, but rather punching my DH in the face.  I am miserable, there is an hour and a half of runtime left, Alexander Sarsgard’s character (he is the only reason I wanted to see Battleship at all) has already died, I want to go home, and I wish that the goblins would take away my fellow moviegoers.  People no longer give a crap about how they treat other people, so I should just light a cigarette and see how fast other people get pissed off.  Stay out of my cloud if you have a problem with me, bitches.




One thought on “I Hate Hate Hate Movie Theaters.

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