Red Carpet Bonanza–Grammy Night Fluffy Awards!

Situated comfortably in the middle of awards season, but worlds apart from most of the film arena’s awards ceremonies in tone and red carpet content, the Grammys are a breath of fresh air fashion-wise amid all the stuffy formality we get used to seeing.  That’s not to say there aren’t awesome formal looks on the Grammy carpet, but most are imbued with a sense of fun and whimsy that is occasionally lacking at film events.  This season I have been attempting a kinder spirit in bestowing my Fluffy Fashion Awards, so some of the more… shall we say… out there outfits aren’t gonna be here, but this is a historic event in Fluffyland– I have fallen so hard for a dress I am seriously thinking of trying to make a replica for myself and I can’t even sew.  (Oh, Fluffy Hubby… pass me that hot glue gun.)  So let’s start handing out some Fluffies.



GrammysGloriaEstefanAt last year’s Grammys, I was disappointed in the shiny, matronly number the Miami Sound Machine songstress was sporting– she looked like someone’s Grammy.  As in Grandma.  But all is well now!  This luxe red dress from Memeka fits like a glove, and the sheer embellishments at the neckline and sheer sleeves give off a cool retro vibe rather than a dated one.  Well-played, Gloria!



GrammysArianaGrandeThis little Dolce & Gabbana is just too darling for words, so I can’t even try.  I also love the satin platforms.  Squee!  Loves it!  Loves the whole look!



GrammysKellyOsbourneKelly is looking vampy in this Badgley Mischka gown with bejeweled epaulets.  I just noticed the gemstones match her hair, and somehow make even her eyes look purple.  It’s not a look that would work for everyone, but Kelly rocks it.



GrammysAliciaKeysAlicia is never overdone, never underdone, always perfect.  Resplendent in royal blue Armani Prive, a cool updo and minimal jewelry, she looks confident and sexy and very, very classy.



GrammysBeyonceThe painted-on Michael Costello mermaid dress is to die for.  Yet in all her glittering glory, wearing diamonds the size of my head, Bey just seems so un-self-conscious.  Wearing her hair down was a great way to dial down a look that might have been a little too dramatic otherwise, and render it unfussy and almost casual, like she just rolls out of bed looking fabulous.



GrammysPinkGrammysTamarBraxtonBoth ladies are rocking very similar frocks, Pink in a satiny Johanna Johnson and Tamar in a regal Michael Costello.  In a veritable sea of red dresses out there tonight, these two manage to stand out and I can’t decide who looks best!



GrammysTaylorSwiftTaylor’s Gucci looks like chain-mail, but it’s not a bad look, and surprisingly, not an overly flashy one.  It’s just the right amount of glow, and I like the pink lipstick rather than her usual red, since it puts the focus on her pretty eyes.



GrammysAnnaKendrickIt’s simple, but the wow factor is major.  Start with a diamond-white Azzaro column gown, slit up to here and cut down to there, embellished with just the right amount of glittery beading, then play up the shine with an array of blinged-out accessories, like killer silvery heels, a mirror-gloss handbag, a chunky bangle, and gorgeous earrings.  Keep the rest of the look understated– loose wavy hair, subtle makeup, coordinating manicure– and you might end up looking as fab as Anna.



GrammysZendayaThis dress shouldn’t work.  It’s just a crazy dress.  It’s got too many different things going on at once;  it really ought to be a mess.  But Zendaya makes it happen.  This Emanuel Ungaro piece just looks fun and hip on her, and love that beautiful turquoise shade against the carpet.



GrammysGiulianaRancicThat color really stands out.  Not everybody can do bright orange, but it’s one of my favorite looks from Giuliana, looking awesome as usual.  The Alex Perry halter dress is lacy without being frou-frou, sexy without being trashy, and perfectly accessorized.



GrammysMadonnaFirst off, I’m not criticizing this look– I’m criticizing this look for Madge.  The Ralph Lauren suit is flawlessly tailored, the hat is cute and funky, and I ought to like the whole outfit.  The reason I don’t?  Madonna, a true legend, one of the most original, cutting-edge, and outright iconic figures in the world, looks as if she stole her ensemble, every single piece, from Janelle Monae.  Granted, her little son asked her to dress-alike with him, so it is to an extent forgivable, but Madonna should not be a carbon-copy of anyone else.  Madonna should be Madonna.  That is all.



GrammysColbieCaillatGrammysColbieCaillat2You know how rare it is for me to actually dig up other views of a dress I like, and Colbie’s Ezra Santos is such a showstopper I had to.  Nothing I can say can even do justice to this piece, so I just had to show you– I just love it all, from the dimensional floral embellishments bordering the sheer panel in the bodice to the sensational sweep of the train.  The adorable messy topknot makes the look fun, and her perfect vintage jewels and Jimmy Choo sandals tie the look together into goddess territory.  As I mentioned previously, so many stars wore red tonight that just standing out in the color was difficult, let alone taking best-dressed honors, so this is a very enviable look indeed.




Ah, the Very Special Fluffy Award.  The one gown of the evening that I would have chosen for myself.  It’s honestly been a long time since I’ve been so instantly riveted by a dress.  I mentioned that I don’t often bother trying to find second pictures of the dresses for the Fluffies, so how much love does it show that I had to include three?  (That’s a first for this column, btw.)  The winner of the Very Special Fluffy is the best representation of my own personal style, and occasionally it is also itself fluffy.  But fluffy isn’t even the beginning of why I love this sweet tulle Valentino.  It’s covered in sheet music.  OMG, the princessy band geek in me is screaming with unabashed delight and jumping up and down.  I am apoplectic with need for this dress, which is so ME on so many levels that I can’t even begin.  Just OMG, OMG, OMG.  *Swoons, picks self up, scurries off to find fabric and hot glue gun as cannot sew.*  GrammysKatyPerry4I mean, look at it up close.  The staves are made out of little sequins!!!!  And that’s La Traviata!  I have died.  I am officially in Fluffy Heaven.  And have now posted four photos of the same damn dress.  WHY does it have to be so expensive???  And now I won’t be able to pick out an Oscar dress for my annual Photoshop-assisted attendance because this one is so perfect no other will ever measure up.  Boo!!  *Hyperventilates into Dooney bag until calm returns*  

The best part?  This wasn’t even the only completely amazing and awesometastic dress Katy wore tonight…


I have thus far been unable to turn up who designed this cute ballgown she wore to Universal’s after-party, but I love it also!  Just beautiful!

…AND Grammy Night Fluffy Awards are now a wrap!  See you soon, as I must step up my game for my Oscar dress now…


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