If It’s Free, It’s For Me: iTunes Song of the Week Review

y_2ea95a3bOver the holidays, I got a little more acquainted with the iTunes Store by way of the 12 Days of Gifts app.  I’d previously shunned the store as being a sort of overpriced monopoly on downloaded music, but after a little digging and exploring, I discovered that this is only true for one type of consumer:  people who are only interested in songs they hear ten times a day on Top 40 radio.  Every week there is a new free single featured as the Song of the Week.  The songs are of all different genres, their only common thread being that you probably never heard any of these artists on the radio.  I realize not all musical tastes are as eclectic as mine, so I had the thought that perhaps a review of the single of the week might be helpful as a public service– “I downloaded it so you don’t have to,” so to speak.  It’s true that in my scant couple of months of taking advantage of the free songs, I’ve downloaded some stuff that might be an acquired taste, but for the most part the selections have been pretty solid, and I hand it to the folks at Apple for exposing me to music that would otherwise have sailed right under my radar.  There are even some songs that have entered heavy rotation on my playlists, such as Misterwives’ “Reflections” and Bad Suns’ “Cardiac Arrest”.  I am happy to say that this week’s offering, Broods’ “Bridges”, is probably going to join my new faves.

Broods is a brother/sister act from New Zealand, Caleb and Georgia Nott, and Georgia has a lovely, ethereal voice that seems to materialize right out of the slow-and-steady but relentless synth groove of “Bridges”, your new go-to breakup song.  From its stark piano opening it builds to a lush, ghostly brilliance perfect for night driving, with just enough bass to guarantee your foot is going to get a little too heavy on the gas as you sing along.  Not quite electronica, but something a little more than pop.  Lyrically it’s also fairly spare, painting a picture of love lost that doesn’t delve deep enough into particulars to make you feel excluded, the mark of an excellent breakup tune– so many of them are so specific about the details of what went wrong that you can’t relate.  Whatever your pain, even if it’s not romance-related, this song has you covered.  Not to say it’s generic– it’s far too cerebral and plaintively poetic for that– just elusive enough to apply to almost any blue mood and actively lift it with its spiralling, haunting, eerie brand of joy.  If that sounds like an oxymoron (and it probably is), you’ll understand what I mean when you’ve heard it.  So go download it, like, now.  It’s free, so what do you have to lose?  SeriouslyFluffy Final Grade:  A


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