iTunes Single of the Week: American Authors, “Believer”

American-AuthorsLate again with my Single of the Week review– but this one is a major keeper.  For one, it’s NOT a breakup song (yay!).  For another, it’s a highly infectious three minutes of fun jangle-pop that I actually wish could be longer.  (Cue repeat button.)  So yeah… I like this one too.  So far I haven’t been disappointed by any of the Singles of the Week since I started these reviews, so don’t just assume I hand all of them a pass.  I mean, at some point they’re probably going to spotlight a country artist or something (shiver) and I will have to struggle to be fair.  Until that happens, just enjoy the winning streak.

You may be familiar with American Authors already;  their previous single, “Best Day of My Life”, has gotten quite a bit of airplay and is featured in a couple of TV commercials, and “Believer” is a bouncy, guitar-driven confection in the same spirit.  Like “Best Day”, it’s almost relentlessly upbeat– this is HAPPY music.  There’s even an acapella handclap break.  This is perfect music to motivate you for a run, or gear you up for a long drive.  (Top down/moonroof open, of course.)

The Authors are based in Brooklyn, and their lineup features Zac Barnett on lead vocals and guitar, James Adam Shelley on lead guitar and banjo, Dave Rublin on bass, and Matt Sanchez on drums.  Like last week’s band Lake Street Dive, the members met while attending a Boston music school, in this case Berklee College of Music, so suffice it to say these guys have serious cred.  Musical pedigree aside, they’re just fun to listen to.  They have really good vocal harmonies, and an almost retro-80’s sound that’s just so catchy.  If you enjoy Maroon 5 or fun., you’ll like American Authors, trust me.  This one is an earworm.  I’m going to be hearing it in my dreams, I’m sure– and I won’t be sorry of it.  The SeriouslyFluffy Final Grade:  A


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