iTunes Single of the Week: Aloe Blacc, “Lift Your Spirit”

aloe-blacc_press-2014-650I am a huge fan of 1970’s soul– Earth, Wind & Fire, the O’Jays, P-Funk;  it’s the soundtrack of my early childhood.  So imagine my surprise and delight in opening this week’s iTunes free single and finding what sounds like an awesome blast from the past in the title track of Aloe Blacc’s new album, “Lift Your Spirit.”  Blacc was the voice of Avicii’s hit tune “Wake Me Up” and has participated as a mentor on “The Voice”, and should be poised for his own foray into stardom with this insanely catchy, groovy number.

Blacc (formerly known as Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III) has released two indie albums already on the influential Stones Throw label and had a platinum seller in “The Man”, and this marks his major label debut.  An O.C. native born to Panamanian parents, he has enjoyed success in the underground hip-hop and R&B scene both solo and in collaboration with other acts such as Lootpack and Emanon.  As he paid his dues he honed his songwriting craft, and the result, while charmingly retro, is unmistakably modern and wholly his own.

“Lift Your Spirit” is as rousing as its title promises, a danceable track with an intricate, pervasive bass line and cheerful harmonies, a healthy dollop of horns and some unexpected strings that make the mix all the richer.  It’s exuberant fun, a song for rolled-down windows and singing to the rearview mirror.  So, once again, the good people at iTunes have made me happy with their Song of the Week (I’m seriously NOT just giving every song a good grade– they’ve thus far been just that good!).  So with the SeriouslyFluffy Seal of Approval, download away and enjoy the smile it’ll put on your face.  The SeriouslyFluffy Final Grade:  A


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