iTunes Single of the Week: Betty Who, “Somebody Loves You”


I know I’m SUPER late with my Single of the Week review, but it’s been a majorly hectic week and I feel less fluffy than bedraggled. For one thing, I’ve developed a propensity for migraines at my advanced age, and couldn’t even fathom the possibility of listening to music the day it came out as I was hiding my throbbing head under a blanket, having succumbed to pain and cold sweats and vertigo and floaters– the whole nine yards. Anyway, the song is another in iTunes’ string of retro-flavored Singles of the Week, this one flagrantly ’80’s pop in tone and sound.

Betty Who (nee Jessica Newham) is a Sydney, Australia native and, like the members of previous iTunes featured artist American Authors, an alumnus of Berklee College of Music; she is a self-taught pianist and guitarist, but her original concentration was classical cello. Her debut single, “Somebody Loves You”, is not exactly new– it was originally released as an independent single (also free!) all the way back in 2012, but gained a lot of positive attention and great reviews. The video and the official remix by FM Attack are both over a year old as well, but just last month the song finally reached number one on the Billboard Dance/Club chart, so after a long wait, it’s at last getting the attention it deserves.

Musically, it’s an upbeat, catchy cut with the simple but soaring synth progressions characteristic of mid-80’s pop. At first listen, it seems a bit throwaway, even forgettable, but that’s the magic of this piece: it is SO not. The infectious chorus is still jangling in my head as I write this, and Betty’s voice manages to sound both as strong as any belter’s and as coyly cute as a J-Pop starlet’s, with that inimitable Aussie lilt that I trust is going to make hers a very recognizable voice in the future. The SeriouslyFluffy Final Grade: B+


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