iTunes Single of the Week: Semi Precious Weapons, “Aviation High”


The latest trend I’ve started to notice among the Singles of the Week is the fact that a LOT of the represented artists are Berklee College of Music alumni.  This is true of this week’s band, Semi Precious Weapons, formed in 2006 and based in New York.  Personnel are Justin Tranter as lead vocalist, Stevy Pyne on guitar, Cole Whittle on bass and drummer Dan Crean.  The band has toured extensively with Lady Gaga, opening for several legs of her worldwide Monster Ball tour, and their smoothly sinister sound is a nice counterpoint to Gaga’s poppier vibe.

“Aviation High”, from their album Aviation, is catchy in a hypnotic sort of way;  it has a sinuous, slinky groove that could have been lifted straight from the mid-eighties, permeated by Tranter’s silky, somewhat breathy voice and a repetitive chorus that manages to twine itself around your brain for hours after a listen.  It’s an upbeat but relaxed piece that’s perfect for chilling before bed, as the icy, insistent instrumentation and Tranter’s effortless delivery will have you drifting in bliss in short order.  Dreamlike and lovely, it’s a little bubble of contained calm.  In short, it’s the ideal tune to end your day with, preferably on repeat, while your cat purrs next to you on the pillow and… oops, I almost fell out there.  Okay, maybe after a stressful day (hey, some of us have just plain stressful lives) it’s the right song at the right time.  Not that I’m implying that it’s a snoozefest– it’s just a delightful way to unwind.

I’d be remiss not to mention the track’s clever video, which depicts the dirty little secrets of a stereotypical suburban nuclear family.  It’s sly and hilarious, featuring a cross-dressing dad, a repressed mom who takes out her angst on the crockery, a teen son having an affair with his teacher and twin moppets who smoke at their tea parties.  Subversive fun that’s well worth checking out on the band’s Vevo.  The SeriouslyFluffy Final Grade:  A-


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