iTunes Single of the Week: Milky Chance, “Stolen Dance”

Milky%20Chance%20credit%20James%20Kendall%20This week’s free single comes all the way from Germany.  The oddly named duo Milky Chance hails from Kassel and consists of singer Clemens Rehbein and DJ Phillipp Dausch.  Their debut album, Sadnecessary, has made the charts in Europe– in their home country as well as Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, and has spawned two hit singles overseas with this song, “Stolen Dance”, which went to number one in several countries, and “Down By the River.”  Rehbein has roots in jazz, having played bass in a quartet called the Flown Tones before joining forces with DJ Dausch to form Milky Chance.  The album was self-produced, and a third single, “Fairytale”, is making its way up the charts in France.

“Stolen Dance” has been their biggest European hit, and is a lively introduction to the duo, whose sound can best be described as techno-folk.  Rehbein’s jazz influence is readily apparent in his vocal stylings;  his delivery is smooth and easily slips from major to minor keys with an enviable grasp of accidentals.  Dausch’s musical backdrop is spare, rhythmic, a bit bouncy, and slightly insidious in its catchiness.  At first listen I wasn’t blown away, but having listened to other music since and still finding the background melody happily shuffling through my head, I realized why it’s been so popular.  It’s instantly memorable melodically, and while not an easy singalong piece, would make an excellent song to close a bar with– fun and sprightly, it’s an invitation to bad dancing, and it boogies right out the door with a masterful ending fade that leaves one sorry it’s over but ready for more, and the prospect of drunken voices trying to capture all the flats and/or sharps is truly chortle-worthy.

As I said, I wasn’t instantly hooked on this song, but it has an unusual staying power all its own, and is ultimately a solid pick.  The SeriouslyFluffy Final Grade:  B+


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