Fluffy Awards at the 2014 Emmys

This one is the awards show that almost got away!  Fluffy almost missed the Emmys (are they always this early?) but thank heavens for trending topics so I could get a lil’ blog going about the red carpet per usual.  Anyway, there were a LOT of really nice looks, but since this award show didn’t just sneak up on me but also jumped around a corner and yelled “BOO,” I’m going to mix up the format a little bit.  I’m going to start out with a lot of different celebs who may not fit into any of my traditional categories, for whom I’m just going to provide a few comments and a numerical rating from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.  The categories will be here, but I’ll add them later on, and there will be fewer of them.  Also, let it be known that I’m not crazy about pedestrian dresses and if they didn’t catch my eye for good or ill, I didn’t include them (sorry, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kristin Wiig, et al).  With no further adieu, let’s do some carpet gazing.



The first photo I saw of Julia’s Elie Saab minidress was quite small, and I was prepared to dislike it until I saw a bigger pic.  The structured skirt, the unusual beading, plunging neckline and long sleeves combine to make this look memorable and sexy but still classy.  I also love the color, which looks really good on shoes, as well.  Rating: 9


082514-EMMYS-sofia-vergara-428This Roberto Cavalli gown is just all that.  When you’re built like Sofia, you don’t really need metallic striping to accentuate your waist, but this is a case of overkill in the best possible sense.  Rating: 9


082514-EMMYS-amanda-peet-428Amanda’s Giambattista Valli dress is gorgeous, like a summer’s day and like the glowing mom-to-be wearing it.  I’ve never had a baby, but if I did, this is exactly how I’d dress for the whole nine months.  This is the first-ever maternity gown that has been in contention for the Extra-Special Fluffy Award, i.e. the dress I’d have chosen for myself.  Rating: 9


66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Y’know, I’m actually kind of happy that Lena is starting to dress for herself and not for any arbitrary best-dressed standard.  She looks way more comfortable and happy on the carpet than she has in a long time.  This  Giambattista Valli might not be to everyone’s taste, but she’s wearing it because she likes it, and it shows.  If she plays her cards right, she just might become her generation’s Helena Bonham Carter, which in my world is a compliment.  Rating: 6.5



I’ve seen quite a bit of hate online for Laura’s  Gustavo Cadile dress, but I quite like it, so screw the haters.  The emerald/sapphire juxtaposition is not one you see often.  It’s bold and the colors are great, and I have a thing for asymmetry.  Rating: 7



I absolutely love this Jenny Packham dress, another contender for the Fluffy Award.  A single-shoulder column with a lot more going for it than your standard-issue Generic Column Gown™, in the form of a beaded white bodice, its snowy sparkle contrasting dramatically and beautifully with the rich blue of the beading and the skirt.  Rating: 8.5


082514-EMMYS-kerry-washington-2-428I truly believe that Kerry can do no wrong on the red carpet.  This vivid tangerine Prada just continues her winning streak.  Love the unusual sequin piping trim, and the hint of a beaded black mini at the leg slit makes this dress the best of both worlds.  Rating: 8



Zooey often dons incredible, indelible gowns on the red carpet.  So I expected something a little more out-of-the-box than this Oscar de la Renta, which is notable only for its pretty fuschia color.  The real story here is how a very simple change in hairstyle can render a famous face nearly unrecognizable, as her trademark long bangs are brushed aside from a center part here and it completely changes her look.  Rating: 5



This is exactly the type of dress I wish I wasn’t too old to wear.  I’m not always a fan of Christian Siriano’s designs, but this bright orangey coral ballgown skirt with a contrasting cropped halter top is just all kinds of cool.  I love the ballerina bun and bold brows too.  Rating: 8.5



Melissa has really come into her own on the carpet.  This Marchesa ballgown skirt is gorgeous and tres flattering, the dramatic black complements her rosy skin tone perfectly, and OH that beading is awesome.  I’m digging the clutch bag also, and just love her hair.  If my hair was that great, I’d never wear it up, ever.  Rating: 8.5



I really want to adore Cat’s rose ombre Burberry.  I almost do.  It just feels like it needs something.   Can’t exactly put my finger on it.  Maybe she just needs a necklace with such a simple bodice;  her bracelet is beautiful, but I think she should have gone with a necklace.  Rating: 7


082514-EMMYS-lena-headey-428A lot more than just a plain old black dress, Lena’s Rubin Singer gown boasts so much structural interest with the asymmetric shoulder fold and textured detailing on the skirt.  Dramatic without being overdone, this is one of the best looks I’ve seen her wear.  Rating: 7.5



Another baby bump done absolutely right!  This Octavio Carolin gown definitely gives Hayden a mother-goddess vibe.  I think this was the look poor Elsa Pataky was going for way back at the Oscars, but her dress wasn’t fitted so well as this one, and Hayden’s beaded stripes are way more flattering than Elsa’s floral beading was.  The sheer panel across the plunging neckline shows some skin without looking trashy, and she’s beautifully accessorized as well.  Rating: 8


082514-EMMYS-rose-leslie-428An extensive web search has not turned up the maker of Rose’s gorgeous cobalt blue gown with crystal-beaded belt.  There is always, always that ONE dress I love but can’t identify.  I think that, like Cat Deeley, she should have worn a necklace, but she and the dress are both stunning.  If anyone knows who designed this, PLEASE leave a comment!  Rating: 8



This dress, by Rosie Assoulin, is SO cool that I just can’t even.  Words fail me.  I just love it– the colors, the way it flows, everything.  One of the most singularly creative designs I’ve seen in years.  Rating: 9.5



Orange cropped up on the carpet a bit more than usual tonight.  I love the color on Natalie, and the dress is definitely slinky, but I think this J Mendel design a little plain for her.  Natalie is at her best when she takes more risks– she’s just too fierce for such a safe choice.  Rating: 5

Now we get to my abbreviated set of categories.  This has run a bit long for it to be such an off-the-cuff endeavor, so I’ll attempt to be short and sweet.



082514-EMMYS-christina-hendricks-428Christina knows exactly what silhouettes work for her hourglass figure, and she tends to wear the heck out them, usually in colors too washed out to work for her complexion.  This fire-engine-red Marchesa is a welcome variation on her theme, its mermaid styling familiar on her but the bright color and gold embellishments much better suited for her than her normal palette of champagnes, beiges, and oatmeals.   Rating: 8



082514-EMMYS-allison-williams-428Giambattista Valli is well-represented on the carpet tonight, but this has to be my favorite of his creations on display.  This darling ballgown channels Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, at least to me.  I love the bright pop of yellow at the waist in sharp contrast to the white and black– it’s just too adorable for words.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Rating: 9.5




Sarah’s Armani Prive apparently exploded.  I hope no one on the carpet was harmed.  Rating: 3



082514-EMMYS-amy-poehler-428Amy is more gorgeous at every awards show than the last.  This glitzy Theia gown is complemented with beachy waves, a cute bracelet, and a bright smile.  Everyone should strive for this effortless balance of girl-next-door and glamour queen. Rating: 10



082514-EMMYS-keke-palmer-428Wow, wow, wow.  I love everything about this Rubin Singer gown.  Talk about a princess dress!  The Extra-Special Fluffy Award goes to the dress I’d have picked for myself, and this is just wonderful.  No words for it but perfect.  Rating: 10

Since the Emmys caught me off guard, I’d best step up my game when awards season actually gets here.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this set of Fluffies.  What do you think of the new format?  Let me know what you think, and follow my blog on Facebook!




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